Dynamic Websites That Work

Smart design that leverages content management systems and frameworks to create websites that are easy to maintain and easy for your customers to use.

We help you to create a website that

  • is easy to use,
  • has the features that you need,
  • can be easily updated and changed without needing a techie, and
  • is quick and cost-efficient to build.

Content Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS) is a web framework used to create simple or complex websites. A CMS makes it easy for non-technical people to add content, edit existing content, change the look of the website and manage the back end of a website.

Custom Coding

Need a little extra added to your website?  We create WordPress plugins and write PHP code to add extra functionality to your WordPress site.    We also love to do full stack development using JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL and PHP.

Coding Classes?

Want to learn how to build a website, create games and more?  We teach kids, teens and adults!

Build Your Website With a CMS

Using a CMS, it is easy to:

  • Add content to your website including new pages, photos, videos, events and more
  • Change and remove existing content
  • Add, delete or change menu items and even rearrange your menus
  • Add advanced features such as image galleries, content sliders, testimonials and contact forms to the site via Page Builder tools.
  • Add, modify and delete users as well as managing their permissions and security

A CMS can take more up front time to implement, but it saves a huge amount of time and costs in the future when it comes to updating and modifying your website.

And the best thing - if done right, it can allow you to maintain your own website.


Starter Website - $500

Basic but professional. This gives you :

  • WordPress site with a blog on the front page
  • Two additional pages of content built with a page builder to allow easy editing and formatting.
  • Uses the Beaver Builder Framework which supports responsive design so your site looks good on all devices.
  • We'll set up your web server and throw in a basic Contact form.

Basic Website - $1000

Everything from the starter web site plus a few more goodies:

  • Add the ability to have users and handle comments.
  • Add RSS feeds, social media links and newsletter integration to push current content to your users.

Semi-Custom Website - $2000

Everything from our Starter and Basic website with some added functionality including:

  • Customize theme and graphics
  • Security
  • Pick 2 additional features:  Event Calendar, Social Media Integration, Photo Gallery, Surveys, Forums, Metrics, Advertising Integration or SEO

Custom Coding

Sometimes you need something extra. A bit of new functionality added to your website or a custom website that does exactly what you want.

This is our favorite kind of work!  We do the following:

  • Custom code for WordPress sites
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Back end database tools using MySQL and PHP.
  • Custom, full-stack websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL & PHP.

How We Do It

Plan it!

  • What do you need from your website?
  • Working together, we will ponder, brainstorm, check out competitors' sites and sketch out ideas. Then, we'll layout what your website should look like, what it should do, and what business goals it will help your company accomplish.
  • So, the real first step? Get in touch. Email, phone, letter.... we'd love to talk to you.

Design It!

  • Next, it's time to bring the website to life and make sure that what you see is what you want.
  • To do that we design mocks of the website, create wireframes, and identify the best tools for your project.
  • Our goal is to create a clean, professional website that stands out from the crowd while enhancing your brand.

Build it

  • If we do the first two steps correctly, this should be the easy part.
  • We create your website with the best techniques and utilize the Content Management System that is the best for your company.
  • And then - LAUNCH! We'll document the process and turn it over to you to maintain as you see fit. From then on, we can be involved as much or as little as you want.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!