F.A.Q About Building a Website

Q:  With design what is the difference between template, semi-custom and custom approaches?

A:  Template is where you take the base template of a theme or child-theme and use that without making any modifications beyond adding a logo to the header.  We tend to use basic graphics and icons that are open-source.  This makes it harder to creatively express your ideas but much faster to get up and running.   The site will look professional just not as original or exciting.  Semi-Custom is where we take a theme and tweak the colors, fonts, layout and more.  This allows us to still take advantage of a pre-built theme but to add some of your personality into it.  We’ll also search a little harder for graphics/icons that reflect the style of your site and maybe even pay for a few of higher quality.   Custom is where we build the template to exactly fit your needs and get high-quality graphics and icons that express the style of your site.  More expensive but you get exactly what you want.

Q: What is Responsive Design?

A:  Essentially Responsive Design makes your website look good on any device – laptop, desktop, tablet or phone.  It uses CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge or move content around on the screen.  Many WordPress themes are already built for this – including the framwork we use the mosts – Genesis.

Q:  Great but then what is Responsive Design for a Specific device and why would I need that?