Dominica Not Going to Make It

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Alexandra Tsiros

I have to change my RSVP. I'm not going to make it. We are 0/2 with your recent gatherings. We will have to make it up to you. But I'm donating.


Believe me, I really would rather be with you guys than where I am now.

Elizabeth Miranda

Sorry to have to miss but am pleased to support this good cause! Keep me posted


Sorry I can't make it! We will be out of town. I was lucky to spend a summer in Dominica many years ago. A beautiful place!


Ned having surgery today so I am ion nursemaid duty. Have a good one

Susan Zentay
Alexandra C. Page

Sorry I can't make it! Dominica is incredibly special and I was glad for the nudge to donate to relief efforts. thank you, Elizabeth!!

Shelagh G.

Sorry to miss it, sounds fun and for a great cause! Greg’s sisters in town and we are out for dinner.

Laura Kaiser

Great crowd, great cause, but, alas, I can't make it. Among other things, Michael will be out of town and we all know what happened with Blender Boy the last time I went to a party at your house when he was away!

Laura R. Albert
Lori Goodin

Sorry!! I hope you all have a wonderful time!!

Kristen Fletcher

Sorry to miss. Making a donation now!

Barbra Lewis Green

Thank you for thinking of me. Want to say yes however this night doesn’t work. So appreciate the invitation. Wishing you a terrific night.

Lori Goodin

I'm so sorry I can't make this! Thanks so much for the invitation!

Dawn Lavelle

Bummed to miss the fun! I'll be doing some (early) birthday celebrating that night.

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