Grad Maybe

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Sue Guzman1

Another year and I still might miss this party! Merrell’s flight from SF to come home for the holidays arrives this evening and we might do family dinner afterwards. But I might try to come over on the later side because I’d love to see you. Thanks for continuing to include me!!

Lauren and Charles2

We want to come!! But we have a conflict so might be able to stop by. Or maybe you will get Charles on the late side for karaoke?

David Thompson2

I'm running a robotics event all day tomorrow at Jackson-Reed. Don't know when we will finish up. Looking forward to stopping by if able.

Tanya Fischer2
Melissa & John3

Thanks for the invite, we hope to make it. Complaints? Would we dare?

Melody Molinoff2

I'll be at school all day for the Robotics competition but will plan to rally!!

Regina McClure2

Just depends what time I get out of the Robotics competition/ if I’m surviving!! But excited!

Alma Paty2

John and I hope to come, but....I am having a corneal transplant on lucky Dec, 13! We'll see about recovery. Very excited to get my vision back!


So excited. I think I should be home by then. I am still figuring out my finals schedule.

Karissa Kovner1

Zara comes home from Copenhagen this day. If she goes out with friends (likely) or goes to bed (not as likely), I'll pop over as I hate to miss this annual tradition! Thanks for the invite.

Delores Simmons2

Thank you for the invite. I have a commitment that day, but hoping I can make it. Would love to see you.

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