Grad No

The Okos

I am so sad to miss this! Jasper and I will be out of town that weekend. Please take lots of photos! Hello to everyone. - Jen

Sue, Mike and Taylor Guzman

Taylor is attending her boyfriend’s prom that night at Washington International School. So sad to miss this fun reunion — what a great idea! Thanks for including us.

Shane Clements

same day as prom

The Faranatar Family

Sorry to miss you all! Sending love
To all the grads and their families
Sarah, Tony, Eli, Ananda and Arlo

Maggie Boys

I’m so sorry to miss this great event.

The Rempels

This is so lovely. It would be so fun to be there and see all the kids, I mean young adults and hear their plans for the future. Alas, we are living in Wilmington NC and can’t make up for the weekend. Oakley will be heading to play baseball for Washington & Lee (small school in VA) in the fall. If you can, whoever is reading this, we’d love to hear your updates as well! Thank you so much!

Levin/Holland family

JR spring musical performance that night. Sorry to miss it!

Allan/Wyatt Glennon

We are unable to make it. Have a great evening.

The Ward Family

Thank you for including us in this event! We are our in the Nashville area now and are not able to make it back, but Daniel definitely wanted to!

Sarah Grantham

So sorry that I won't be able to make it!

Amanda Marr (Claire Book)

We already have a commitment but CONGRATS to all, how is this possible?? 🙂

Adrian Belmonte

Thank you so much for the invite! Unfortunately I will be performing my school musical that night. I’m very sad that i’ll be missing out on the reunion, I would have loved to see everyone.

Thank you for organizing this!