Grad No

Laura, Michael, & Moss Kaiser

Alas, Michael will be out of town, Moss has other plans, and I have theater tix. Sorry to miss everyone, but you'll obviously just have to host another one of these shindigs! Moss, btw, is headed to Lewis & Clark in the fall.

Zachary Hammond

Sorry to miss it!

Sam and Gus Grand

Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately we have a conflict.

Ted Chamberlain and Karen Entress

Thanks for thinking of us! Unfortunately, we have plans that Sunday.

Pam & Talia Ehrenberg

So very sorry to miss it! T will be headed to Phoenix that evening with the debate team (and I'll be likely dropping off debaters at BWI, possibly lingering in Baltimore a bit after dropoff). But we are both so glad to be honorary members of the Murch family--thank you so much for the chance to celebrate graduation and wonderful milestones with your family!