Roland E.

I'm sorry. It doesn't look like we will make it. 🙁

Jamie Koppersmith

Thought I responded weeks. See you tonight

Roland E.

We have out of town visitors, but will stop by for sure!

Jennifer & Mark

How did I not rsvp before now? We are psyched.

Susan Kemp

Came down w a virus but even worse, have a kid w bronchitis and pneumonia! Sad to miss it! 🙁

John paty

John is flying solo this weekend but will dash down to see you get older...

Alexandra Tsiros

90's hip hop and hair bands, of course

Jackie and Tony

Yay - found a sitter! Can't wait to celebrate!

Kathleen Teixeira

I am doing my best to find a sitter!! Want to come celebrate and dance barefoot in the mud ?

Gabrielle Loperfido

Wishing your comments section had a "like" button--seconding the motion for Depeche Mode!

Bridget and Tim Overcash

bummed...we are out of town..lets get together soon :))

Barbra & Nick Green

Would love to celebrate with you! Thank you for inviting us to join in the fun : )

Alma Paty

Oh Darn. I will be with Clarke looking at a school in Michigan. You go girl -- 50 is great -- we'll celebrate when I get back! Thanks for including me!!!!


So bummed -we are going to be out of town.

Gabrielle Loperfido

Looking forward to celebrating with you! xoxo

Sue Guzman

My mom is in town, and I am taking her to the opera at the Ken Cen for Mother's Day, or else I wouldn't miss this! So flattered you invited me. Thanks!


Happy birthday! My in laws fly in on Saturday to see Maia in the school
Play that night and celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. So wish. I could celebrate with you!

Jackie and Tony

Hope to make it! Trying to nail down sitter!

Stacy and stephen

Ok so annaka has a hockey tournament in Boston and stephen is going to that and I am taking care of the rest of the rugrats. Would love to come but we have too many children 🙂

Ivonne Clones

Sorry I cant make it! My sister is having a birthday party also. Happy Birthday to you!!!


I am really bummed but am celebrating another 50th birthday and going out of town so I can;t make it. Peter is going to come for a little while but is actually training for a marathon...

Alexandra C. Page

So bummed we cannot make it! Happy birthday, Elizabeth!!

Jenny and Adam

Happy happy birthday Mettler!!!

Diane Horner

Dang! Michele is turning 18 and having her own bash that night. I don't dare leave with a houseful of teenagers partying in my basement. I'll be there in spirit for sure!

Ali & Eric Bergthold

Unfortunately, we have a conflict. Have been waiting to see if we can resolve it, but it doesn't look like that is going to be possible. Sounds like a great party and hate to miss it!

Peter Hannagan

Rachel will be out of town but I will come instead. Sorry!

Alison & Steve

Would LOVE to come, but we'll be away. Boo-hoo.



larry frank

who doesn't love a party!


Of course we're celebrating this milestone!

Francoise Thibaud Nissen

Can't wait!

Tania & Ned

crack balls. Kidding. Just getting to celebrate will be great. Way too long!

Leith Mondry

I'll be out of town. Have a fabulous birthday!

Martha & Bill McIntosh

Song list on the invite looks good, but Detachable Penis is not very danceable. 🙂


Have a fab celebration! Sorry to miss.

Garrett and Kristen Fletcher

I will bring my bad dance moves! Fun.

Lisa and Matt Stone

Looking forward to it!

Lori Goodin

Have an awesome time. With it being Mother's Day Weekend, I'll be out of town. But, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn and Dave

Can't wait!

Phoebe Brown and Chris Carr

We'll be there!! Looking forward to it.

Judd + Tanya

Comment: Can't wait to celebrate!
Music Request: Depeche Mode.
Complaint: Mean people suck.


Will be out of town that weekend 🙁

shelagh and greg

Looking forward to the party of the century.

Barbara Mettler

I'll talk to your bro about it and see if we can swing it. Would be fun to come help celebrate! His 49 is the next day!

Ari Zentner

Teo's birthday earlier but we should be able to stop by to help you celebrate!

Maryann Ford

Darn! Can't make it. Would have loved to seen you and celebrated 50! On the upside, I'll be in London and Paris celebrating (?) 50 myself then!

Jennifer Landry-Jackson

Whoohoo to my fellow Wahoo!!!

You know I will be there!!! Happy Birthday to my feisty and dear friend!!!

Martha Huizenga

Can't wait. It's a year of parties!

Tom Leon

Count us in!

Jen Gess

If only...........I would love it!!!

Be sure to dance one "Sweet Child 'O Mine" for me!!


Turning 25 is truly an occasion to celebrate! Happy birthday!

Jill and Robert

hell yes!!!!

Dwight Gibbs

Schweet!! Looking forward to it!


Dude! I have friends visiting from out of town that weekend but will try to get away, if even momentarily, to stop by and celebrate with you.

Lauren and Charles

We have a dinner beforehand so will be there on the later side, but we wouldn't miss it! Happy birthday!!

Jamie Koppersmith

Totally looking forward to it.

Lara McCoy

So that's the same night as the St. Alban's Gala. I expect church event to wind down earlier than this party, though, so will plan to stop by after!

Frances Wu & Wib Chesser

Be there with bells on! Woot!!!