Never too late to learn ...

  • Need to build your own website for your business?
  • Or simply know enough to maintain it?
  • Want to help other business owners or non-profits build simple websites?

With some basic technical knowledge and an understanding of WordPress - it is possible to build professional websites with advanced features such as e-commerce, forms, users, custom pages and social media integration without knowing how to program.

  • This is is a perfect skill for small business owners or people who want to acquire some tech expertise.
  • We teach more advance website building techniques like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and databases.
  • We offer classes during the day as well as evening classes..
  • If you learn better from a person, like to have someone to answer your questions or just need to be held accountable - our classes might be the right fit for you.

Come learn all the basics with us!

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Our Classes

Start with WordPress Basic, then mix and match some advanced skills in or take them all!

WordPress Basics

The class will consists of a basic core 4 weeks covering how to create a website using the easiest and one of the most popular Content Management Systems.   It is possible to create complex sites with WordPress without knowing how to code. We'll cover these topics:

  • Content: covers adding and organizing information to your site via Posts and Pages as well as managing comments.
  • Site Layout:  How to design and layout your site - from themes to widget to menus.
  • Adding Punch to your Site:  Plugins are an easy way to add features to your site.  Learn how to find and install them as well as which ones are indispensable and which ones are just fun.

Advanced WordPress

Depending on what your business needs - there are plugins to support you.  Depending on class demand, we will cover the standard plugins for each area including how to use them.  Options include the following areas:

  • Graphics - Photo Galleries, Page Builder
  • Engaging with the User - Forums, Forms, Social Media, Users.
  • Selling your Product - Forms, eCommerce and Security
  • Is your site being seen? - SEO and Google Analytics
  • Performance - increasing the speed and security of your site.

Behind the Scenes

How to physical create and maintain a web site along with a deeper understanding of HTML/CSS.  This will allow you tighter control and the need for less plugins.

  • Create a Web Site: learn how to host a site on it's own domain, to select a web hosting company, to setup up a server, to find and register a domain name, and to transfer files from you computer to the sever via FTP.
  • HTML Basics: learn how to troubleshoot your pages or emails due to HTML issues.
  • Cascading Style Sheets:  CSS is how you define what your web pages will look like - they can control everything from color to font to margins to placement of items on the page.  This allows you to further customize your WordPress theme without having to use plugins.

...not quite what you are looking for?

Need something else? Take a look at some of the classes we teach kids - these can be tailored for adults. Or let us know what you are looking for and we can create a custom class!


WordPress Basics

$275 for all four classes
  • Creating and Organizing Content
  • Desiging Site Layout
  • Extending your Site Through Plugins

Six Pack of Classes

$475 for six classes
  • Mix and Match your classes depending on your interests.
  • WordPress Basics is required first

Single Add-ons

$75 per class
  • Take any single class outside of the WordPress Basics.