Classes Forming for Fall 2018

  • Mettler Solutions teaches both kids and adults the basics of coding and creating websites.
  • Our classes range from basic coding concepts to learning WordPress to learning "real" programming like Python and Databases.
  • For kids, we recommend starting with our Basic Website class which covers HTML, CSS and some JavaScript and PHP.  But, there are exceptions to every rule!


Classes for the 2018-2019 School Year

  • Enrollment will open in August with email notification.
  • Classes start in September.
  • Sign up below to be make sure you stay up to date!

New Students

Coding is lots of fun!

  • We start all our new students off with the basics of building websites.
  • Once they have learned the basics of creating, styling and adding interactivity to a basic website -they can branch into other paths like JavaScript, Python, WordPress, databases and more.
  • Each student will get their own space on our server to located their website.  They will also be taught how to use online tools to modify and update the site.

Returning Students

If you are are returning student, classes will be taught in a more self-pace manner.  Here are some more details:

  • You sign up for a Class Pass which is a set of 10 sessions for $275.  This way, kids can miss the occasional class for all the things life throws at them.
  • Kids can pick a path to pursue during that session.  Sometimes, the students opt for the same subject so they are in it together.  Sometimes, different groups opt for different subjects.  All courses are fully developed with supporting homework.  Difficult or key topics are taught to the entire group or subgroup in every session.
  • LabCats will continue to be on Fridays after school.
  • Classes will be formed for other returning students based on everyone's schedules.  We will try to accommodate as many people as possible!

Come Back to Coding!

Used to take classes with us, but school, sports, musicals or other activities got in the way?  We've revamped our program so that it is more flexible:

  • All course lessons, homework and solutions are online so you can go at your own pace.  We are there for where you get stuck!
  • You can pick your path to follow -learn Python?  Create games?  Advanced website skills?
  • Even better, you only pay for the sessions you come to with our new Class Pass.