Our Classes: Tech Made Easy

  • Tired of not understanding how a basic website works?
  • Want to build your own website easily for your small business or personal needs?
  • Want to learn to do real coding
  • Want to know how to do basic back end tasks like setup a server, access a database or FTP files?
  • Or simply would like to know what the heck a "back end task" is?

We excel at making technology accessible and easy to understand for everyone! 

Who Do We Teach?


Interested in getting your kids coding?

  • We teach classes during the school year in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and SQL. 
  • We also have summer camps based on demand.  Summer is the perfect time to learn - no other school work and we make it fun.
  • Have your kids learn how to build a website and do real coding!


We not only offer a range of classes for kids - but we also teach grown-ups to!  Sometimes we can all use that extra push.

  • Learning how to create a website using WordPress is a perfect skill for small business owners or people who want to acquire some tech expertise.
  • We also teach more advance website building techniques like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.


Need a class for your employees?  We can custom tailor one to meet the needs of your group.  We can teach you how to setup or simply how to maintain a website created in WordPress, Drupal, or more.

Custom Classes

We can also create a custom class just for you and your small group.  Topics covered can include:

  • WordPress: setup a site, create and manage content, design site layout (themes, widgets and menus), and use plugins including Security, Social, ECommerce, SEO, Performance, Event Management, Photo Galleries, Page Builder and more
  • Website Basics:  using HTML to create your structure and using CSS to style the look.
  • Adding Life to Your Website:  learn about JavaScript, jQuery and other interactive scripting tools
  • Real Programming:  learn how to construct and code using real programming languages such as Python and Django
  • And more...app development?  Databases?  Security?  Email Marketing?