For those kids who have taken classes with us before - welcome back and we look forward to seeing you this year.  Please take the survey below to let us know what you would like to learn next and what your availability is like for the fall.  We'll send out an email once class times/subjects have been finalized.

Possible classes for the fall include:

  • Even More Advanced "Learn to Build a Website":  continue to build on the "real" coding learned before by adding jQuery to the bag of tricks.  Prerequisite: Learn to Build a Website
  • Intro to Python:  Python is a complex programming language that is used for many real world applications and programs.  And yet - it has a straightforward syntax which makes it the perfect language for kids to learn.  We'll start off with the basics and can advanced forward into games or web applications as influenced by the class's direction. Prerequisite: Learn to Build a Website
  • Play with Python:  Continue to build on the basics learned last year.  We'll cover objects and how to web apps with either Flask or Django. Prerequisite: Learn to Build a Website, Intro to Python
  • App Development:  learn the basics of developing for mobile devices using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. Prerequisite: Learn to Build a Website
  • WordPress:  Close to 75% of the websites create today are done using the WordPress Content Management tool.  Learning this tool will allow kids to create complex website without the steeper learning curve of programming.  But, don't discount it because of that - WordPress can be complex enough and it is a valuable skill to have! Prerequisite: Learn to Build a Website.