This is an idea that we have been considering for a while.  Some son included...can't sit still every week for 1 hour.  Or prefer to have less "teaching" and more "doing".  Or have commitments like sports, musicals, plays that occupy there time for brief periods.  So the concept of making it more of a club where they can choose to go but don't have to is appealing.  Bonus - only homework if you want it!

How this would work:

  • Kids would read or watch video tutorials on the subjects they wanted to learn on the website.  These would be organized in paths so that could build on what they know but they could switch things up if they wanted.
  • Kids would attend club time - think of it as computer lab - to work on the assignments and to get help.  And to socialize.
  • Grown-ups would purchase a pack of lab passes - say 5 or 10 - when those are used up - buy more.
  • Homework would not be assigned unless wanted.
  • Current students could switch to this, former students could come back or new students could start.

If you are interested - fill out the same survey form - just click the "Coding Club" option for class type!