Guest List

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Charles, Chris and I are "in"

Roland Escher

It’ll be Regine and me. Finn and Kate will be out of town (independently).

Let me know if there is anything I can do or bring or help in any other way.

Maggie McDow

Looking forward to it!

London Lawson
Sophia Tatton
Kelly Lynch & John Wix

Appreciate you hosting and look forward to seeing everyone!

Ruthie Wix
Zoe Goldman
Katie Benton-Cohen

You are amazing! We will *try* to ditch the 8 year old but we might have to bring him...After all we're celebrating our stable of babysitters!

Juliet, Charles, Lauren

Thank you for hosting this—you all are the best!

Naomi Rea
Ashley Mattoon

thank you for hosting this! Looking forward to it!!

Phoebe Brown

Awesome! Can’t wait.

Lisa Stone

Maxwell has other plans that night but Matt and I are looking forward to seeing everyone! Thanks so much for hosting - wonderful idea.

Ari Zentner
Carole Yanofsky

Thanks for hosting and getting us all together! Zachary will be out of town, but David and I will be there and look forward to seeing everyone!

beth hesler and david folds (quentin)

Q would surely like to request music — we would LOVE to come.
I cannot promise not to cry - but you all can help me through 😍😊

The Bennetts

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Delaney Staudenraus
The Nissen’s
Deirdre de Leeuw den Bouter
Alex Page

how did this happen??? thanks for the lovely invite and I'll check with meredith re special dispensation request

Alison Barnes

Yay! Thanks for planning this. We have a graduation dinner for Luke that evening. We will swing by afterwards.

 Name  Comments? Music Requests? General Complaints?