Want a Rough Idea of the Cost?

Today, there are all sorts of services available for creating a website easily.  Wix, Weebly and Squarespace to name a few that will allow you to create a website based on their designs.

And if your site is very simple -that can be the way to go.  But, if you want to have control over your website including being able to personalize the design exactly as you want it and have your website be independent of your development platform these options will be frustrating.

Or, you can learn the basics of WordPress or other CMS tools fairly easily and develop it that way.  However, developers who routinely use WordPress can develop the site faster, make sure that is easy to maintain and friendly to search engines and will know which tools and plugins to use to make it do what you want without too much bloat!


Website Cost Estimator Calculator

  • Price: $500.00
  • Or how much customization of existing themes or stock graphics do you want?
  • And we do mean rough. This will give you an idea of what the costs are but the best way to figure it out is to talk to us directly about exactly what you need.
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